Quantitative and qualitative insights, fast

Easy-to-read reports and in-depth user insights let you test, learn and repeat.

Understand results at-a-glance
Our analytics are designed around user workflows. For A/B tests, see your primary or secondary goals in real time. For statistical significance, all you need to check is our simple yet powerful Gain Probability calculated metric.
Scalable and fast data infrastructure

Our infrastructure is powered by Google’s Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Storage, and Cloud SQL to process over two billion events per day. We’re collecting over 150 dimensions and measures with BigQuery, and support real-time data availability.

Users insights, within sight

Session Recording

Put yourself in your visitors’ shoes. Session Recording enables you to video record visitor interaction. Watch mouse movements and clicks in real-time. Video feedback often shows where there is room for improvement: bugs, friction, navigation, blindness, etc.

Net Promoter Score

Gauge your brand’s growth potential and customer retention with AB Tasty’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey. Regularly receiving valuable data from the people using your website allows you to optimize your message, or strategy, based on real time data.


Find out which elements of your site are particularly active. Heatmapping can reveal what information may not be visible to the visitor and should be enhanced. A good approach is to build a strong hypothesis and then compare the heatmaps of each variation.

AB Tasty Page Flow
Page Flow
Does a promotional banner really drive more traffic to discounted products than the original page? Our unique Page Flow indicator offers an overview of the funnel and helps you understand where visitors go after seeing a specific variation.

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