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A Journey of Transformation:

Edouard’s Rise at AB Tasty

Edouard joined AB Tasty in February 2016, as a Customer Success Manager (CSM), marking the beginning of his career with his very first full-time job. A job that would take him from France to Singapore, and back.

When Edouard started at AB Tasty, he was mostly introverted, focusing on his tasks without much interaction with his teammates. However, his managers quickly saw his potential and encouraged him to open up, share his true self, and be comfortable with connecting to those around him.

This encouragement was the catalyst for Edouard’s remarkable transformation. Like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, Edouard blossomed into a vibrant and engaging presence within the company. He became AB Tasty’s ray of sunshine, known for his warmth, kindness, and enthusiasm. 

His ability to adapt and his proactive approach soon set him apart.

In February 2017, just a year after joining, Edouard was promoted to Senior CSM. By the end of 2017, despite his strong attachment to the company, Edouard expressed his desire to follow a personal dream of moving abroad with his partner to experience life in Asia.

AB Tasty has been a place of trust and support from day one. I quickly learned that if you give yourself and adhere to the missions and values we’re striving for, the company will give back to you, in many ways. For me, these have been new and varied challenges, at different points in my career, which have always enabled me to grow, improve, help others and play a major part in our company’s great adventure.

Edouard Descamps, Solutions Engineer EMEA 

Unbeknownst to him, AB Tasty was planning to expand into Asia and open a new office in Singapore. Recognizing the alignment of their goals, AB Tasty offered Edouard the opportunity to be the first CSM in the Singapore office!

Edouard embraced this opportunity with his characteristic enthusiasm and agility. In September 2018, he became the head of Customer Success in the APAC region, leading the charge in a new and exciting market. His proactive nature and ability to adapt to change were crucial in establishing and growing AB Tasty’s presence in Asia.

In 2022, after several successful years in Asia, Edouard decided to return to France. AB Tasty, recognizing his immense value and consistent alignment with the company’s values – “We bring Client Satisfaction”, “We go Above & Beyond”, “We are impactful” and “We live one team, endless dreams” – offered him a role in pre-sales. 

Since January 2022, Edouard has thrived in this position, continuing to bring his unique blend of intelligence, accessibility, and kindness to the team.

Life at AB Tasty

Edouard’s journey at AB Tasty underscores the importance of open communication and feedback. His story is a testament to how expressing aspirations and ambitions can open doors to incredible opportunities.
Edouard’s proactive feedback about his personal goals enabled AB Tasty to align his career path with the company’s strategic growth, benefiting both parties immensely.

Throughout his journey, Edouard (aka Doudou for his peers) has embodied the core values of AB Tasty. His sunny personality, extreme kindness, sharp intelligence, and lack of ego make him a perfect fit for our company culture.
Edouard is not just a team member; he is an inspiration, showing that with the right attitude and support, remarkable transformations and career growth are possible.

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