Join AB Tasty and our partners, BigCommerce, FullStory, Segment, and Gorilla Group, as they share best practices in building an experience-driven stack for commerce.

Join us and build the best-in-class stack for commerce!

A lot has changed over the past year. The radical shifts we’ve seen over the past 12 months have laid the groundwork for vast developments in the digital customer experience, but brands need to ensure they have the best in class solutions to keep them ahead of changing times. Are you sure you have the right stack to accommodate the future of commerce?

Brands that prioritize their customer experiences will be the only ones left standing as the digital commerce landscape continues to change.

With so many options to build your commerce stack, how do you determine what’s right for your business, more importantly, what’s right for your customers?

The Experience-Led Summit is a virtual event hosted by AB Tasty consisting of 5 sessions from leading players in the customer experience stack for commerce. During this virtual event, our partners will explore different aspects of your digital customer experience. We hope you’ll consider joining us!

By 2022, 10% of the organizations running digital commerce will build that into a platform business to transform into digital businesses, and 60% of those will use an open ecosystem to scale the growth.

Learn from these brands and take your digital customer experience to the next level


The summit was divided into 5 sessions. Interested in watching multiple sessions? Access each session you’d like to view below.

30 min.

Building an Experience-Driven Tech Stack for Today’s Commerce

Today’s consumers are more empowered and have higher digital expectations than ever before. Great online experiences can make or break retailers’ success in an increasingly digitally-focused world. In order to stand out from the crowd, retailers must ensure a unique experience that resonates with shoppers at every touchpoint on their path to purchase and beyond.

In this session, MaryAnn Bekkedahl, SVP of Global Business Development at BigCommerce, shares how brands can boost sales, conversion and customer satisfaction via differentiated online experiences, and set themselves up for ongoing digital success via a best-of-breed commerce architecture.

MaryAnn Bekkedahl

SVP of Global Business Development

30 min.

The Personalization Privacy Paradox: A False Dichotomy

Whether it’s GDPR, iOS 14, or the death of the third-party cookie, marketers today face competing pressures to deliver highly-personalized experiences while maintaining consumer trust. By leveraging their own valuable first-party customer data, brands no longer need to fear the personalization privacy paradox. Join this session for valuable strategies to take control of their customer data, build consumer trust, and deliver personalized experiences. Segment Senior Product Manager, Osama Khan provides an overview of the customer identity landscape and shares how to build better personalization strategies.

Osama Khan

Senior Product Manager

30 min.

Refine Your Digital Experience: Small Changes for Big Impact

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that the digital experience is now the most important customer touch point. Then, why do so many still fail to deliver an experience that is consistently beneficial for customers? By combining qualitative and quantitative insights, your organization can increase cross-functional collaboration and create an improved user experience, a reduction of bugs and speed up time to resolution. 

In this session, Amanda shares key findings and practical strategies to help your organization replicate what works and increase your digital experience maturity – ultimately driving better digital results.

Amanda Myers

Head of Product Marketing

30 min.

Client-Side or Server-Side: Choosing the Right Approach for Your Commerce Stack

For commerce brands, continuous experience optimization and personalization are critical to attract and retain business. But with so many different ways to handle implementation, how can you decide which approach is right for your business?

There is a huge diversity of needs when taking into account companies across different industries, each with distinct customers, varying maturity levels, and data constraints. In this session, Marylin and Aaron discuss how to assess your needs when it comes to selecting a client-side, server-side, or combination solution to enhance and personalize customer experiences.

Marylin Montoya

Vice President, Marketing

Aaron Stillman

Director, Product Marketing

30 min.

Stitching the Future Experience

The need for the right partner to connect your best-in-class products into a cohesive and efficient solution is more critical than ever before.
In the past year, we have seen what has equated to more than the past 10 years of commerce growth. As a brand trying to grow and enhance your customers’ digital experiences, do you know if the decisions you have made will yield the desired results?

Join Gorilla Group, A Wunderman Thompson Company in learning how the right partner matters in selecting, implementing, and integrating your future digital experience.

Chris Rothstein

Strategic Alliances Manager

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