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Keeping Up with the Customers

A 3-part webinar series featuring leading digital brands in APAC.

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It is time to keep up with your customers!

2020 has definitely been a changing year for all of us. Customers have changed their consumption habits and as digital professionals, it is key to keep up with them and follow their needs.

Brands that prioritise these expectations and exceed them will be the winners and navigate through 2021.

During these three webinars, our speakers will explore the themes of personalisation, acquisition & retention, data, AI & ML, feature development and how they will shape digital experiences over the coming year. We’ll also look at tactical strategies for implementing effective, personalised, and differentiated digital experiences.


The webinars will be divided into 3 sessions. Interested in joining multiple sessions? Register for each session you’d like to attend below.
Registering for a session does not automatically register you for the entire event or for additional sessions.

Tuesday 26th January

2:00-3:00 SGT

(5:00-6:00 AEST)

Acquisition vs Retention - which is more important in 2021?

Gaining new customers versus retaining existing ones have always been two priorities for marketing teams. Both require tactical strategies and will have a different outcome on your results. Discover how L’Oréal Luxe and other brands are working on them, and get to know about their vision.

Sheenum Kumar

Kiehl's Brand Manager, Luxury Division

Julia Simon

Managing Director APAC

Simon Lalloz

Marketing Manager APAC

Wednesday 27th January

2:00-3:00 SGT

(5:00-6:00 AEST)

Creating a Seamless Omnichannel Experience with Experimentation

Brands that are able to pull different services, whether their own or third party, into one “product”, will find success. That goes for the buying experience, customer service, post-purchase interactions, or pretty much anything else. 

Our speaker will reflect on the past year, tell us about new opportunities and challenges as a Product Lead. You’ll understand Love Bonito own Product team organisation, and why they’ll focus on experimentation to keep on delivering the best Omnichannel experience.

circle-cropped (5)

Jia Ling Tay

Product Lead

circle-cropped (4)

Edouard Descamps

Customer Success Lead APAC

Thursday 28th January

2:00-3:00 SGT

(5:00-6:00pm AEST)

Is AI & ML really necessary for Personalisation?

Customers are more demanding than ever before. This has prompted digital retailers to find ways to personalise the digital shopping experience to keep their customers coming back, and grow revenue in an increasingly competitive market. 

In this panel, we discuss how leading brands in APAC like Booktopia and Calvin Klein are tackling personalisation, and whether concepts like “personalisation engines” and “Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning” are really relevant to optimising your brand’s digital customer experience. We’ll also share tips on how brands can get started with personalisation, with measurable ROI.

Steffen Daleng

Chief Marketing Officer

Bharath Krishnamachari

Head of Marketing, Data & Technology

Sabrina Ooi

Customer Success Manager APAC

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