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AB Tasty Rated Strong Performer in TrustRadius’ A/B Testing TrustMap

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The independent business software review site TrustRadius publishes today its very first Buyer’s Guide to A/B Testing Software, in which AB Tasty is rated Strong Performer for the Enterprises and Mid-Size Companies market segments. This guide covering all the major A/B testing solutions rates them according to market segment adoption and nearly 200 ratings provided by actual users.

Professional users can rate the business software they use on TrustRadius, and their approved reviews help others choose which tools to adopt. TrustRadius relied on these qualitiative and substantive reviews to establish TrustMapsTM rating all the major A/B testing tools aimed at businesses. The study is based on almost 200 TrustRadius reviews provided by anthenticated end-users, and split by market segments according to the number of employees of each user company. Mid-Size Companies are those between 51 and 500 employees while Entreprises number 500 or more.

The TrustMapsTM for Enterprises and Mid-Size Companies provided here are organized by Average User Ratings and Segment Adoption. TrustRadius derives the Average User Rating from the Likelihood to Recommend rating of each user testimony, and relies on publicly available traffic data from to establish the market penetration of each A/B testing tool.

AB Tasty is ranked Strong Performer for Enterprises, a great ranking achieved in no small part because it is highly rated by our users on TrustRadius:trustradius-a_b-testing-trustmap-for-enterprises-not-for-distribution-1024x1003trustradius-a_b-testing-trustmap-for-mid-size-companies-not-for-distribution-1024x1003

AB Tasty is delighted of these results that show the fruits of our dedication to our users. We strive to provide them with an advanced and comprehensive A/B testing solution while always maintaining an unparalleled ease of use.

You can download the full guide here:

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