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Briq – our recognition tool

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At AB Tasty, we bring forth and celebrate each other’s cultures in both the workplace and work process because we value our collaborators, and we want to make them aware of it. ❤️

There are many ways to thank an employee for their hard work and great behavior, and we use Briq to do so, which is our awesome tool to share the team spirit and reward each other for what we love about the other great people in the AB Tasty community!

Briqs are a virtual currency that employees send to each other and redeem for items.

Each one of us is granted with the mission of showing our teammates they matter, celebrating every single victory and making our values and spirit live on a daily basis.

As stated above, the purpose is simply to give love and “reward” our colleagues everyday using Slack. With the briqs we get, we are then able to buy things on a dedicated e-shop (handled by ourselves), such as personal professional growth tools, or even a trip to another AB Tasty location around the globe.

⚙️ How does it work?

All employees have the power to take part in it simply by using a specific command on Slack. This command allows us to send a chosen amount of briqs (anywhere from 1 to 3) to a colleague of our choosing, with a message thanking them and explaining why we gave them the briqs, then adding a hashtag with one of our values (because everything we do revolves around our values 😊).

Everyday, AB Tasty offers 4 to 6 briqs to each employee. Employees can then decide how and to whom they want to send their briqs. 

🧱 What can we do with these Briqs?

All briqs received from teammates can be redeemed in our Bootiq (our personal e-shop on which briqs can be spent) 🎁.

Products on the Bootiq change with time but some of them have been there for a while, as victims of their own success, such as books related to personal growth, breakfast for your team, subscription fees to a sporting event, afterwork drinks for your team, donations to a NGO, a trip to another AB Tasty office of your choice, etc.  

We pay attention to the products available on the e-shop and make sure that they fit with our core values.

💪 Recognition is the greatest motivator

We encourage employees to use their briqs daily to give a coworker (or two) a shoutout or even simply a “thank you”. When we leave work at the end of the day, we try to make sure we’ve sent our briqs to people we think should be recognized. It doesn’t cost more than 15 seconds and it can make our teammates’ day! #kindness #teamspirit


“Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary”.

– Margaret Cousins

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