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AB Tasty Launches Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

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Digital optimization is at the core of AB Tasty’s mission. Of course, in today’s tech-forward world, this applies to countless mediums. Customer journeys are long, winding, and non-linear. The technology stacks used to support those journeys can be just as complex, so choosing the right technology partners is of the utmost importance to brands.

At AB Tasty, we feel the same about who we partner with to better serve you. The partnerships and integrations that we offer in our platform not only reflect our commitment to our customers, but also to the improvement, enhancement, and innovation of digital experiences everywhere.

To say that we are excited about our latest integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce is an understatement. With a shared goal of enabling marketing and e-commerce teams to efficiently run their operations and provide an optimized shopping experience for their customers, AB Tasty and Microsoft are prepared to lead the charge into the future of e-commerce.


Given the dynamic and rapid changes in purchasing behaviors, businesses must be agile in how they respond to consumer demands through continuous website optimization. Whether e-commerce businesses want to improve conversion rates, increase order values, or decrease calls to customer support, AB Tasty’s intuitive, low-code solution enables marketing teams to test and validate their ideas as well as accelerate time-to-market.

With our latest integration, Dynamics 365 Commerce customers can now fully employ AB Tasty’s experimentation, personalization, and digital optimization software to bring transformation and innovation to digital buyer experiences. From product page images to call-to-action placements to personalized promos, Dynamics 365 Commerce customers can optimize all aspects of the user experience — with all results collected in one dashboard to more effortlessly make data-driven decisions with high impact across the entire business.

The world of commerce is on the precipice of large-scale evolution. Are you ready to join us on the journey?

To learn more about the integration, visit AB Tasty on Microsoft AppSource.


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