7 Website Optimization Ideas for Travel & Hospitality Industries

New year, new travels. If you’re looking to jumpstart your conversion rate optimization practices for your travel or hospitality business, consider this your starter kit.

In this e-book, we share seven experiments from seven brands that have successfully improved their website to either get more online bookings or account creations.


For businesses in the travel and hospitality space, converting visitors is riddled with challenges — now more than ever. Which photo of your hotel rooms is going to entice someone to book? How can you simplify and guide users to exactly what they’re looking for? Is your booking CTA loud and clear?

As a travel or hospitality business, your website is your greatest asset. That’s why it’s essential to continuously optimize your homepage, making sure you’re leveraging experimentation practices to lock in more transactions.

What you’ll learn

High-performing experiments from our clients like Best Western, SuperShuttle and OUI.sncf.

How personalization can help you win more conversions.

Tips and tricks to adapt for buses, airlines, hotels, vacation rentals, and tourism packages.

Craft experiences
that wow!

Get your copy of "7 Website Optimization Ideas for Travel & Hospitality Industries" now.

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