agnès b. Doubles Online Transactions by Reducing Purchase Anxiety

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  • 23,845 €
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Headquartered in Paris, agnès b. has been designing clothing for men, women and children since 1976. With over 250 shops across the world and a strong digital presence, the time was ripe to begin working with a conversion rate optimization tool.


Naturally, Marjorie Galiano (Head of Digital and CRM) hoped to use AB Tasty to run website optimization tests that would lead to more purchase transactions. She had a feeling one sticking point for agnès b.’s consumers was purchase anxiety. What if the item didn’t fit, or the color was different in real life? Were there any hidden fees that would come out right at the end of check out?

Marjorie wanted to quickly and easily run a test that would address these consumer concerns. Crucially, she needed to be able to measure potential return on investment: would addressing this purchase anxiety actually lead to increased sales?

A/B Test

Marjorie decided to test adding two elements to agnès b.’s product and purchase pages: respectively, a line of text just above the ‘add to cart’ CTA, as well as a banner at the top of purchase pages, each announcing free shipping over 250 euros, as well as a free return policy.


She hoped that these messages during key phases of the customer journey would ease purchase anxiety, therefore increasing transaction rates and boosting sales.

Crucially, thanks to AB Tasty’s easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor, Marjorie, and her team were able to redesign these elements and launch the multi-page A/B test in total autonomy, without any help from their tech team. In just one hour, they had launched the test that would be displayed to half of their online visitors.

“CRO can have immediate, significant effects on revenue, especially in the high-value fashion industry. It’s amazing to think that a few adjustments to address anxiety across the purchase funnel could potentially yield an annual revenue increase of over 400,000 euros! That’s the power of UX optimization combined with easy-to-use A/B testing tools like AB Tasty.” – Léa Benquet, Customer and Partners Success Manager Team Leader at AB Tasty


After letting the test run for three weeks, Marjorie had cold, hard data to back up her hunch: visitors that went through the purchase funnel with the reassuring messages showed transaction rates over double those that went through the original version – a jump from 1.15% to 2.87%. For agnès b., this represents an increase in revenue of 23,845 euros! Over one year, this could represent a boost of upwards of 400,000 euros. A more than satisfactory return on investment from just one A/B test.

“I’m very impressed by how simple it is to get up and running with AB Tasty. The platform is so easy to use, no tech skills needed – this is a real plus!” – Marjorie Galiano, Head of Digital and CRM at agnès b.

Takeaway Tip

For e-retailers, purchase anxiety is a very real phenomenon that hinders conversions. Finding ways to reassure customers about their purchase – without upsetting other necessary elements of the purchase funnel – can significantly increase transaction rates and overall revenue.

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