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Avid Increases Transactions by 34% with Promotional Banners

34%Increase in transactions

1A/B test

Avid is a trailblazer for multimedia content creation. Its nonlinear editor was the first to digitize video content, effectively changing the media and entertainment industry. Today, Avid platforms are trusted by audio, music, film, and television professionals to create, manage, and distribute content.


Avid wanted to optimize how it displayed promotional offers across its site to increase conversions and further cultivate customer loyalty.

Test Idea

Avid offers a bonus gift with each subscription to its Media Composer software—a point the team wanted to highlight to visitors on these product pages. Using an A/B test, Avid decided to experiment with the offer’s placement and presentation to see what effect it had on conversions.

In the first variation, details on the bonus gift were presented in a purple banner at the top of the page.


avid promotional banner
Avid highlighted its offer with a purple banner at the top of the page


In the second variation, details on the bonus gift were presented in bold as a bullet under each subscription option.


avid promotion
Avid highlighted its promotional offer in a bullet beneath the subscription summary


For the duration of the test, traffic to these product pages was split evenly between the two versions to determine which formatting was more effective.

Avid then focused on optimizing a January promotion that offered a 60% discount on audio plugins. An AB Tasty Technical Support Engineer placed a sticky banner on the bottom of Avid’s homepage, shopping site, and blogs, that—when clicked—would take visitors to the audio plugins page for more details on the feature and the opportunity to purchase.


avid custom css
Avid promoted audio plugins with a custom CSS banner created by one of AB Tasty’s Technical Support Engineers


For the Media Composer product pages, highlighting the bonus offer with a purple banner was ultimately the winning variation, showing a 34% increase in transactions.

Following the success of this version, Avid used AB Tasty to convert it to a personalization—and the banner is still live on the site today. As for the sticky banner for audio plugins, results from the test showed that—out of those who clicked on the promotion—15% ended up converting on the site.

These tests show the power of presentation when trying to relay key messages to visitors on a site, and the importance of testing to know which formatting resonates with your users.

Driving an e-commerce business without A/B testing is like washing your car without soap – you can’t really succeed if you don’t have any soap. AB Tasty’s robust tools and widgets allow us to do it all – set up quick tests, comprehensive tests, personalizations, and multi-variate testing, all the while being supported by robust analytics and fantastic customer service“. Jeffrey Copetas, Senior Director of Web & E-Commerce at Avid

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