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How Ashley Furniture Increased Conversions by +15%


-4%Bounce rate


As a leading furniture and bedding company in the United States, Ashley Furniture generates a high volume of visitors to its online store, For this reason, optimizing its purchase process was a key step in improving conversion rates for new visitors.


How to eliminate frustration during the purchase process to ensure hassle-free checkout conversions?


Reduce the amount of time spent in the purchase funnel and lead the user to a faster and more effective conversion.


We hypothesized that Ashley Furniture was struggling to convert new visitors due to their lengthy checkout process. On the original site, if the user did not enter their delivery and billing address while creating theirĀ  account, they would need to add in this information during the conversion funnel.

We decided to remove this step from the conversion funnel and test if that would improve conversion rates. The question was where in the customer journey this step would be implemented?

We tested a variation where, if the user had not entered their address information during the initial account creation phase, they would be prompted to log in to their account, then led to a form where they would be asked to fill in their delivery address.


Ashely HomeStore Screen 1
Step 1 in the original checkout process
Ashley HomeStore step 2
Step 2 in the original checkout process
Ashley HomeStore variation
Simplified checkout process

The objective of this test was to get the user to fill in their personal information before checkout, thus saving them time and simplifying the purchase process. We know that checkout is already a lengthy process with a number of different steps such as logging in, selecting a delivery option and payment method before finalizing a purchase. Our goal was to simplify this process as much as possible.


With this test, we eliminated client frustration by shortening the checkout process, thus reducing cart abandonment rates during the checkout process and creating a more fluid transition to the payment step. By removing this form from the purchase funnel, conversion rates increased by 15%.

“We use AB Tasty to execute A/B and multivariate tests and personalization of our online store Currently, our UX teams use AB Tasty to gain knowledge of user experience to solve a range of problems and to build new functionalities. With this tool, it is easy to A/B test our ideas to learn whether our hypothesis increases conversion rates, before implementing them on all of our traffic.” – Matt Sparks, eCommerce Optimization Manager, Ashley Furniture

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