Center Parcs Leverages Personalization to Help Website Visitors Find the Perfect Holiday Getaway

Christmas PVCP

  • +19%
    Conversion Rate on Christmas Bookings

  • +23%
    Visits on Christmas-Themed Pages

During the holiday season, consumers and businesses alike are short on time, with a million things to do, buy and prepare. That’s why travel company Center Parcs leveraged AB Tasty’s easy-to-use personalization capabilities to direct holiday-hunters to the perfect getaway.

Easy for them, easy for their clients!

Audience Targeting:


  • Searched dates for Christmas or end-of-the year period; or
  • Visited Christmas or New Year’s landing pages; or
  • Visited December landing page


  • Paid Acquisition December / Christmas / New Year campaigns


  • From CRM: previously booked Christmas holiday stay

“With AB Tasty, it’s easy to build rich audience segments for our personalization campaigns. Data from our CRM and behavioral data, including from our acquisition campaigns, powered our personalized Christmas experiences.”

– Laurent Lemercier, Group E-Merchandising Manager at PVCP