Increase Conversion Rates by Adopting a Data-Driven Strategy

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Conversion. This is an ongoing obsession among digital advertisers. And all the right marketing resources seem to be in place – if not always effective – to achieve this goal.

Meanwhile, user click streams are becoming increasingly varied: although omnichannel and multi-device provide marketing teams with access to vital sources of information-rich data, making optimal use of this data is becoming ever more complex faced with increasingly unpredictable web user behavior.

Marketing departments must, therefore, make sure that their budget investments are put to real use. Although the promise of traffic acquisition can seem tempting, how can we really be sure that the different data sources are both relevant and profitable? How can we turn a web user into a potential buyer and gain their loyalty?

AB Tasty and Mazeberry have sought to provide solutions in response to the new challenges of putting marketing investment to effective and profitable use. In this white paper, we will shed light on areas of best practice for optimizing traffic acquisition and conversion leads, the vital foundations of any successful e-marketing strategy!