Damart UK Increases Transactions by 29%

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  • +15%
    Clicks on 'add to cart' CTA

  • +29%

  • +8%
    Return visits

Unrivaled leader in the clothing retail industry for the senior market, Damart has a strong presence in the UK, France, and Belgium. They distribute their collections – which are guaranteed for life – in brick-and-mortar stores, online and via catalogue.


Aware that they could use a fresher-upper, Damart’s marketing team decided to redesign of all their online product pages for the US, UK, and French sites – as well as the ‘Damart sportswear’ pages.

They decided to focus on three important elements. First, the ‘look and feel’ of the color selection icons needed an update. Second, the product thumbnails looked out of place. Finally, and most importantly, the ‘Add to the Cart’ CTA was very low on the page – below the fold – which they believed discouraged clicks and transaction conversions.

Using internal resources, they modernized the look of the product pages by pulling up the main CTA, moving the thumbnail images to a more conventional location, and redesigning the style icons to be more visually appealing.

Split Test Idea

In their eyes, the new product pages looked more modern, more intuitive, and certainly more likely to generate sales. However, the team had no hard data to back up these assumptions!

That’s where AB Tasty came in. In one hour, AB Tasty and Damart had set up a split test, sending a portion of Damart’s traffic to the old pages, and a portion to the new pages – each page with a distinct URL – for each of the four sites. Now, they just needed to wait long enough to have statistically reliable data.


Damart AB Tasty use case original



Damart AB Tasty use case variation


Interestingly, the redesign produced positive results for all of the pages, but results were particularly impressive for the UK site. Click-through rates went up for key elements of the page, including the CTA ‘Add to the Cart’ (+15%), which lead to a notable 29% increase in transactions. Loyalty and engagement with the site also went up, with an 8% increase in revisits. Clearly, Damart’s marketing team aced the product page redesign – and now had the hard data to prove it!

Takeaway Tip

The key to effective website optimization is to stay ‘data-driven’. Without statistically reliable data to demonstrate, for example, that a page redesign does, in fact, lead to increased sales, it’s difficult to settle internal debates, definitively deem a redesign a success, or make the case for other, similar initiatives. Integrating A/B, Split or Multivariate testing into a website redesign is an efficient way to achieve these goals.

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