Digital Fashion: Reshaping Customer Experience

Getting your CX right for fashion websites is a must, with rising costs in returns and supply chain, as well as customer journeys beginning on social media. Our next webinar has its focus on just that! We want to look at how your customer journey plays its part in all the hot topics surrounding digital fashion. We’ll be discussing:

  • Turning customer data into better customer experiences
  • Understanding the social customer experience – how social media affects fashion buying
  • Optimizing for returns – how your CX affects your return rate
  • Adapting your CX for international customers

We will be joined by Conversio, who have a strong customer base in fashion e-commerce. They will be sharing how they gather their understanding of customer needs through data and the experiments they have made in order to make improvements that better website experience and result in a higher ROI for clients.


Paul Wilkins
Co-Founder & Director of Strategy, Conversio

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