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DirectAsia Simplifies Insurance Experiences with Empathy

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Through the use of simplified and confidence-building journeys, DirectAsia is transforming the traditionally tedious task of buying vehicle and travel insurance into a seamless experience that reflects the overall convenience of their brand and services.

Part of this transformation lies in their strategic partnership with AB Tasty and the integration of EmotionsAI to better understand their customers and boost their experience optimization roadmap.

With insurance buyers increasingly seeking reassurance, trust, and intuitive experiences, DirectAsia recognized the need to evolve beyond traditional approaches to meet these demands. Like many financial services, insurance is inherently complex by nature.

DirectAsia ran tests focusing on an area on their website where they knew they had room for improvement. They compared the results of that test on segments selected by EmotionsAI versus a broader audience. Download the case study to find out how EmotionsAI expedited visitor journeys through to their quote page.

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