Driving Experimentation with Quantified Empathy


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Experimentation with AB Tasty can create perfect digital experiences. But how do you know when your idea of perfection truly aligns with your customer’s needs?

Enter: Quantified Empathy.

Quantified Empathy is analytics with heart.

It’s a way to connect consumer sentiment to the revenue impact on your business. It’s the ability to visualize the customer experience and assess the magnitude of that experience at scale. Iteration is a numbers-only approach. Take smarter bets. Quantified Empathy is the compass.

Find out in this webinar how you can create a customer experience that puts people at the centre. How you can make your potential customers feel that their experience online is for them.

In partnership with Quantum Metric, we’ll be discussing:

  • How our understanding of customers is missing a heart
  • How to bridge the empathy gap
  • How to build real empathy with data and experimentation
  • Real life examples of where our customers improved their customer experience with results


  • Thomas Lawson
    Sales Director - Northern Europe
    AB Tasty
  • Kevin Korpics
    Field CTO
    Quantum Metric
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