Building the Ideal E-Commerce Tech Stack for Growth

The e-commerce world is saturated, crowded, and highly competitive. Businesses today must differentiate through the experiences they provide to their customers, and these days, those experiences are mostly digital. Partners who can help you maximize your customer experience will also help drive your growth.

If you don’t yet have your tech stack nailed down, if you’re looking to expand your stack, or if you’re looking to get the most out of what you have, it can be difficult to know where to start. Having partners that can support your agility and enable scaling growth is a critical consideration to make.


So much of the experience you provide to your customers is predicated on the stack you’ve chosen to support your business. Can your partners help you stay agile to pivot with changing customer behavior? Can your stack enable you to validate impactful ideas before spending time and money on development? Will you be more able to engage and understand your customers?

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding personalization and privacy
  • Refining your experience based on data
  • Client-side or server-side: choosing the right approach for continuous optimization

Craft experiences
that wow!

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