Feature Flag Use Cases for Product Teams


Feature flags have offered great value for developers enabling

them to continuously deliver software to end users at greater speed than before. By decoupling deployment from release,

developers can avoid bottlenecks and can instead merge and deploy their changes immediately.

However, it’s not only development teams that can use feature flags during the development process. Product teams can also incorporate these flags into their daily workflows to provide higher-quality products for their customers.

In this e-book, we explore the many ways that product managers and their teams can implement feature flags, mainly through experimentation to obtain direct feedback from their most relevant customers.

These use cases will illustrate how, just like technical teams, product teams can also incorporate feature flags into their own processes. This is particularly the case when you decide to buy an advanced feature management tool that allows all teams to create and manage flags, thereby reducing dependencies among teams.

Here’s what inside:

  • The ways feature flags can be used by product teams
  • How product teams can target specific users using feature flags
  • The value of feature flags particularly for these teams
  • How one client leverages feature flags for more Agile and autonomous processes

your curiosity!

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