How Fenty Increased CTA Clicks By 42%

FENTY header

  • 42%
    more CTA clicks

  • 15 minute
    test setup

Musician and entrepreneur Robyn Rihanna Fenty partnered with LVMH to release her namesake clothing line, FENTY, in 2019.


One of the first KPIs the FENTY team wanted to measure and optimize was the clicks to its homepage CTA, which brought visitors to the latest collection.


FENTY wanted to see if CTA size had an effect on the click rate. Using the AB Tasty platform, they set up a split test that would compare the performance of a CTA sized at 13 pixels versus a CTA that was slightly bigger at 15 pixels.


FENTY homepage


In the end, bigger was better. The 15-pixel CTA generated 42% more clicks than the 13-pixel variation and was permanently added to the FENTY homepage.

Takeaway Tip

FENTY proved that simple tests can have a significant impact. In this example, it took 15 minutes to set up the test, and a difference of 2 pixels, to increase CTA clicks by an impressive 42%. Focus on making the key elements of your web page (which could be a call to action, a navigation button, etc.) a focal point for your visitors by considering both size and placement.


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