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How a Dedicated Optimization Program Helped Fragrance Direct Delight Its Customers

+21%Revenue Uplift

+20%Increase in Transactions

Fragrance Direct is a UK-based pure-play beauty retailer who has been operating since 1993. It sells over 14,000 products across 600 big-name brands, designer labels, and high street favorites. In addition to fragrances, Fragrance Direct sells makeup, skincare, and haircare products from both everyday and luxury brands. Fragrance Direct has been partnering with AB Tasty for over 2 years, and for just under 2 years with Endless Gain.

The Objective

To improve Fragrance Direct’s customers’ experience and generate the business more sales and profit. AB Tasty and Endless Gain approached this in three key ways with outstanding results.

The Approach

Social proof messaging helps instill trust in Fragrance Direct among customers

Research showed that the wider market awareness of Fragrance Direct was quite low. A variety of social proof messages were successfully introduced to new customers. These social proof experiences delivered an increase of over 8% in the user conversion rate.

Personalization helps strengthen an already-strong trading period

Fragrance Direct does very well during three gifting seasons: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas, through the Fragrance Finder page.

However, research showed that traffic volumes were low on this page (even during peak periods) despite high conversion rates, and users surveyed said they didn’t actually know what they were looking for from a gifting point of view when they arrived on this page. Using AB Tasty’s Audiences feature, Endless Gain identified users arriving on-site either looking for gifts or unsure about what to buy. These specific user segments were prompted with the question “Searching for gift?”.

Users who clicked on the prompt were taken to the Fragrance Finder page where they were then able to, through a series of personalized questions, engage with and find their desired gift.
The prompt was not shown to users who were not looking for gifts, in order to avoid distracting them and disrupting their journey with the brand. With tactical usage, this personalized strategy delivered a 10% increase in the user conversion rate for Fragrance Direct during their peak periods.

Helping customers checkout faster, and easily, increases sales

Multiple pieces of research highlighted the checkout funnel as one of the key priorities. Various steps within the funnel (and the fields within them) caused considerable friction for customers. Each of these elements, either singularly or combined, were likely to be harming conversions. Endless Gain redesigned multiple elements with the checkout. Through experimentation, the improvements increased the user conversion rate by 2%.

“Using AB Tasty, an efficient and flexible experimentation and personalization platform, enabled us to build on our optimization approach. To continue to build on that, we decided to hire Endless Gain. Working with Endless Gain means we get dedicated resources who are focused 100% of their time on improving our
customers experience without the distraction of day-to-day business challenges.”

– Julian Thompson, E-Commerce Director, Fragrance Direct

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