Future-Proof Your Business with Innovation

Layoffs, hiring freezes, budget freezes – the current economic climate is causing all sorts of unforeseen challenges for teams. For many organizations, the impulse to hit the brakes is difficult to resist.

However, investment in product development and targeted marketing is even more important during times of economic uncertainty. In this fireside chat, our panel will discuss the following topics within the context of today’s economy.

  • Understanding Your Customers’ Entire Journey.
    Get a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior by analyzing unified data from across the customer lifecycle, including website, mobile, email, and more.
  • Powering Personalized Customer Experiences.
    Deliver unified, targeted customer experiences across every channel to drive more efficient acquisition and effective retention.
  • Making Better Product Decisions.
    Identify areas of drop-off and conversion so you can prioritize marketing efforts and product features that drive user engagement and retention.
  • Promoting a Data-Informed Organization.
    Empower your entire team by democratizing access to data with easy-to-use, self-serve analytics on top of unified customer datasets.


Vijay Jarayam
Director of Product, Mixpanel
Kalyan Nistala
Director of Product, Segment
Marylin Montoya
VP Marketing, AB Tasty
Ryan Koonce
Founder & CEO, Mammoth Growth

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