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Generali’s Chatbot Averages 800 Conversations a Day to Streamline Customer Support

800conversions per day

2,400calls avoided

Generali is a global insurance and assets management group that’s been focused on building life-long partnerships with customers since its establishment in 1831.


No one likes being put on hold—especially when you’re trying to reach customer support with a question related to your livelihood (like insurance or wealth management). So, Generali decided to streamline the entire process.

The goal was to help visitors more readily find the information they needed on Generali’s website and curb calls to customer support (particularly for questions that could more easily be answered online). This way, Generali’s customer support team would have the increased bandwidth needed to help individuals with complex questions.

Generali developed a chatbot that was able to interact with visitors on its site by answering basic questions and highlighting relevant insurance offers. If there was a question the bot couldn’t answer, it would connect users to the appropriate Generali agent directly.

The Generali team had tested various names and avatars for its bot among a small pool of clients before ultimately settling on ‘Leo.’

Then, Generali worked with AB Tasty to integrate Leo into its website and track performance.


AB Tasty Technical Solution Engineers were able to write the JavaScript and CSS code needed to trigger Leo on desktop devices. Data was then collected in real-time (in the AB Tasty platform) to track Leo’s engagement rates and highlight how visitors interacted with the chatbot during a 6-month period.

Generali also used AB Tasty’s visual editor to quickly make cosmetic changes to the site and measure the impact of these modifications on Leo’s performance.


Leo was clearly a hit with Generali’s clients. At the end of the campaign, there were 100,000 recorded interactions with Leo on the website and more than 2,400 calls avoided, giving Generali the reassurance they needed to integrate the chatbot on mobile and tablet devices.

These high engagement rates, and reduced customer support wait times, proved Leo’s positive impact on the user experience. This campaign also provided a benchmark for evaluating Leo’s ongoing performance—which is essential for continuous optimization.

Currently, interactions with Leo are averaging 800 conversations a day.

Takeaway Tip

Chatbots have the potential to streamline customer support and enhance user experiences—when implemented strategically. As Generali shows, simply integrating a chatbot into your site isn’t enough. You need to set performance goals, collect analytics and track engagement to understand how visitors use this feature. With AB Tasty, Generali was able to easily modify their interface and collect data on Leo’s performance to know with certainty that it benefited the user experience.

This campaign also points to the ways in which artificial intelligence can increase the efficiency of human operations. Leo wasn’t created to take the place of customer support representatives, but to help them by handling straightforward tasks so team members could focus on more complex, higher-level questions.

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