Your website shouldn't feel like an obstacle course

And yet, when brands don’t optimize UX for the right audience, that’s exactly what it feels like.

Let’s face it: you don’t know your website visitors like you used to, before Covid-19 shook up customer journeys the world over. What’s a brand to do?

Get (re)acquainted with your audience using experimentation.

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Do these look familiar?

Too many distractions

Misplaced CTAs, inopportune pop-ins, flashy ads…you don’t want your visitor feeling like they don’t know which way to look!

No good way to search

One thing’s for sure – if shoppers can’t find the product they want on your site, they aren’t going to convert. Make search easy.

Lack of clarity on shipping

Surprise shipping fees are the worst. Avoid leaving a sour taste in your customers’ mouths and be up front about shipping costs and delays. 

Complicated account creation

Creating an account shouldn’t feel like getting through War and Peace. If your process is too long or complex, users will drop.

Mobile-UNfriendly CTAs

If only Thumbelina can hit your CTAs on a smartphone, you’re doing it wrong. Make sure important CTAs are easy to reach, no matter your thumb size!

Driving foot traffic

Sometimes, you want your e-commerce buyers to meet you in the real world! Promote a pop-up store or great brick-and-mortar sale or event.

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Meet the author

Robin Nichols

Robin Nichols

Robin has been working in the B2B SaaS space for 5+ years. She is interested in the crossroads of technology and culture, and has lived the 'test and learn' mindset both personally and professionally. She's seen her fair share of experiments and personalization campaigns as Senior Content Manager at AB Tasty and hopes to share the actionable insights and trends she has picked up on the job.

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