A Guide to All Things DevOps


In the age of digital transformation, organizations now more than ever have to move fast to meet fast-changing customer and market demands and to gain competitive advantage.

DevOps is one methodology that many teams have incorporated into their work flows to increase efficiency and speed of delivery while maintaining and even improving product quality.

And yet, with its widespread adoption, there is still much confusion over DevOps and what the term encompasses.

This guide seeks to put all your questions about DevOps to rest by going in depth into the concept of DevOps and all the essentials surrounding this methodology. We also take a look at how feature flags can facilitate DevOps implementation by reducing deployment time and enabling low-risk and faster software delivery. 

In particular, this e-book will go over:

  • The definition, fundamentals and culture of DevOps
  • The benefits of the DevOps approach and the skills needed for its successful implementation in your organization
  • How feature flags fit into the DevOps methodology

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