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High Mowing Organic Seeds Enhances Product Discoverability and Conversions

+22%Increase in Add-to-Cart Rate

+15%Increase in Mobile Conversion Rate

High Mowing Organic Seeds is an independently owned seed company dedicated to supporting sustainable agriculture and providing farmers and gardeners with the highest quality certified organic seeds.




AB Tasty’s solution partner, Rightpoint Commerce, has been driving growth for High Mowing Organic Seeds since 2017, with a recent collaborative focus on conversion rate optimization (CRO) to increase sales by using data-driven efforts that improve the customer’s shopping experience. In early 2021, the Rightpoint and High Mowing Organic Seeds team brought on AB Tasty to facilitate the experimentation program. AB Tasty emerged as High Mowing Organic Seeds’ partner of choice for our easy and quick experiment and personalization setup while offering more complex testing and reporting than free tools available in the market. This helps customers like High Mowing Organic Seeds achieve greater ROI and soar to new heights of growth.



The majority of High Mowing Organic Seeds’ total traffic originates from mobile devices. Accounting for 50% of total sessions, mobile conversion rate optimization was, understandably, the team’s highest priority. Through data analysis, Rightpoint identified that mobile users were experiencing friction at the top of the shopping funnel, which resulted in a cart-addition rate of 41%.



Together, Rightpoint and High Mowing Organic Seeds thoughtfully analyzed data and hypotheses, which then developed into a prioritized backlog of tests intended to directly improve product discovery. From there, they collectively selected driving an increase in traffic to the mobile hamburger menu as the first subject for A/B testing due to its ease of implementation and potential for impact. They would do this by testing a menu highlight to draw more attention to it.

The hamburger menu modification was quickly set up in the AB Tasty platform for testing. The teams created a single mobile-responsive test variant. Leveraging AB Tasty’s robust visual editing capabilities through the WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) editor, the team was able to edit their new menu layout without relying on any code from a design and front-end perspective. The new menu test variation was brought to life within minutes.

Original Mobile Menu (Left) vs. the Variation (Right)



Rightpoint was able to set up custom event tracking within AB Tasty, allowing the High Mowing team to track metrics relevant to their unique business goals. High Mowing tested a primary metric of clicks on the menu and a secondary metric of conversion rate. From there, targeting was set up, the tests went through a thorough QA process, and designs were then tested on various mobile devices – all done in the AB Tasty platform. 

The test was launched and ran for four weeks. On the surface, the visual change was minor, but as a result, delivered a high ROI and propelled High Mowing Organic Seeds’ growth to the treetops. The hamburger menu highlight did, in fact, draw visitors’ attention to the right place to better discover products and lead to an increase in clicks and transactions.



While highlighting the mobile menu was a minor change in terms of effort to execute and visual difference from the original mobile site, it resulted in a significant impact on their business goals. Not to mention, the test clearly helped customers more easily find the products that they required.

For Fiona McMurtrie, Ecommerce Specialist at High Mowing Organic Seeds, the Rightpoint and AB Tasty partnership has been critical to supporting the business’s priorities. “We’ve placed an emphasis on making informed, data-driven decisions to help grow our e-commerce business. The support that we’ve received from Rightpoint, the information we’ve been able to gather, and the experiments we’ve been able to run have enabled us to stay agile and explore creative avenues to reach our goals.”

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