7 Luxury Test Ideas To Make Your Digital Experiences Shimmer

The luxury industry’s glittering guide to all things optimization.

Luxury e-commerce brands face unique challenges but also unparalleled opportunity.

As technology advances and consumer expectations are high, the key to thriving in the luxury industry lies in mastering the art of experimentation, personalization and continuous experience optimization.

Unveil an arsenal of test ideas that luxury brands can employ to curate custom experiences, featuring examples from real AB Tasty clients in the luxury industry to serve as inspiration for you to start creating your own dazzling digital experiences. 

Craft experiences that wow!

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Help visitors find the products they need with subcategories like ba&sh

The team at ba&sh found that their product listing pages were often the first place visitors landed on the website. From there, visitors often browse but click away if they don’t find what they are looking for quickly. An A/B test proved that  displaying clear category filters helped ease the shopping experience, leading to a 2% increase in traffic to the product detail pages and a 3% increase in revenue.

Build luxe experiences that surpass your customers’ expectations

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