Mobile Optimization Guide: Tips for Smartphone Survival

Mobile devices are more than a modern accessory, they’ve become a necessity.

At the end of 2023, nearly 70% of the world’s population are smartphone users. And with an increasing number of people owning more than one phone, subscriptions have outpaced ownership at an estimated 7 billion this year (and is expected to reach 8 billion in 2028).

Smartphones have transformed how consumers interact with brands, creating an almost instant connection between inspiration and action.

Mobile website traffic peaked at 59% in 2022 before settling at 54% in 2023.

However, mobile conversion rates lag behind. Desktop and tablet conversions lead at 3.1% and 2.8%, while smartphones trail at 2.3%.

So, why the gap?

In our e-book, “Mobile Optimization Guide: Tips for Smartphone Survival,” we explore consumer behavior, industry trends, and mobile optimization tests from AB Tasty clients. Discover how smartphones impact the customer journey and learn strategies to optimize the user experience and boost conversions.

Topics discussed in this e-book include:

  • Smartphones and the customer journey
  • The importance of speed
  • The thumb zone
  • Maximizing available space
  • Optimizing the call-to-action
  • Streamlining processes

74% of Gen Z say they most often reach for mobile devices when shopping online.

Download your copy of the “Mobile Optimization Guide” today and start transforming your mobile strategy!

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