Now That’s What I Call AB Tasty

A compilation of the greatest hits in experience optimization

Headphones are on, now it’s time to get inspired.

Like the iconic CDs of yesteryear, this ebook is a 2023 compilation of the top hits in experience optimization case studies.

Dig into a curated playlist of real-world scenarios where our global customers have pushed their experiences further with AB Tasty through features like web experimentation, feature experimentation, AI-powered personalization and more.

From A/B testing banners and copy to more in-depth CRO strategy shifts, discover how leading companies have leveraged data-driven strategies to elevate their customer experiences, boost conversion rates, and drive remarkable results.

Explore the success stories and innovative approaches that can inspire your own journey towards achieving customer-centric excellence.

Find out what it takes to achieve chart-topping success in experience optimization!

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Galeries Lafayette Asks How Quality of Product Images Impacts User Behavior

Working with AB Tasty and technology partner Contentsquare, the team at Galeries Lafayette created a test to display premium images of products worn by models to measure impact on conversions. The results were immediate, leading to a 49% increase in clicks and…

Top hits in experience optimization featuring real-world  AB Tasty customers

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