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Pan Pacific Hotels Group Uplifts Revenue with Audience Segmentation

+35.3%Visitor-to-book rate

+32.1%Overall search-to-select rate

Founded in 1975 and headquartered in Singapore, The Pan Pacific Hotels Group operates over 20 luxury hotels, resorts and serviced suites across Asia, North America, Oceania and Europe. The hospitality giant has stepped foot into the world of personalization, and AB Tasty is their platform of choice.


As we moved past the Covid pandemic, hospitality brands have been hungry to gain back lost revenue. It is key for brands to level up their customer experience (CX) to withstand intense competition.


For this experiment, the team was interested in uplifting overall bookings from couples and families. They theorized that creating a linked end-to-end experience for this audience group would uplift revenue, and AB Tasty was the perfect tool to support their personalization goals.

Two audience profiles were created from multiple data sources in a customer data platform and shared with the front-end marketing tools. These audiences were Families and Couples.

Using this audience data, a personalized digital experience was powered. Website visitors were directed to custom landing pages, which featured banners and offers tailored for their segment.

Global Homepage Family_cropped
Family Variant
Couple Variant


The results were impressive. The team saw a 35.3% uplift in visitor-to-book and a 32.1% increase in search-to-select.

Couples and families who saw a personalized experience were 21% and 31% more likely to revisit the site respectively, compared to the control group.

Clicks on the homepage hero banner and navigation usage dropped significantly, proving that personalization enabled users to convert without extra website navigation.

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