Panasonic reduces costly call volumes with AB Tasty’s CXO Solutions

Customer journeys are more nuanced than ever before. As consumers switch between devices, channels, and touchpoints, businesses on the digital frontier, like Panasonic, are focusing on the not-so-simple task of bringing continuity to each interaction and delivering an omnichannel experience.

We spoke with Michelle Esgar, who is spearheading the brand experience for Panasonic Consumer Electronics, about the challenges and strategy involved in delivering this integrated experience. We started by looking at an experiment we worked on together to reduce calls to customer support (and as a result, avoid lengthy wait times for users and bottlenecked workflows internally).

From there, we discussed how this experiment fits within Panasonic’s overarching strategy—and how successful customer experiences are built with an integrated understanding of every consumer touchpoint.

Here’s a snapshot of Panasonic’s 360-degree approach.

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