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Peek & Cloppenburg boosts AOV by 10% with intelligent search

+10%Average Order Value

+29%Online Orders From Search

Peek & Cloppenburg KG Hamburg is an international fashion retailer offering a variety of brands through their website and brick-and-mortar stores, including subsidiary VAN GRAAF.


Peek & Cloppenburg knows a customer’s experience doesn’t end when they leave the store, it continues with them online. To provide a seamless online experience for customers and improve site performance, the team turns to consistent testing of site architecture and usability.

This commitment to experience optimization led to a focus on improving search. They decided to talk to Epoq, an AB Tasty solution, about implementing intelligent search. With functions such as error tolerance and faceted navigation, Epoq was perfect for testing the impact of AI-powered search on sales KPIs.


Once integrated into the existing Peek & Cloppenburg website, Epoq’s intelligent search solution was trained on a knowledge base of current product data, industry knowledge and customer purchasing behavior.

Epoq’s AI search algorithm then used this information to help customers find what they are looking for and nudge them toward conversion.

Additionally, features such as error-tolerant search, product sorting and landing page forwarding were incorporated to provide more accurate results.


To determine success, the impact of the implementation on post-search sales KPIs was measured over a four-month period and compared to the same period from the previous year.

Looking at orders placed after a customer used the search function, the average order value increased by 10% and the number of orders increased by 29%. The percentage of total sales coming from search also increased by 10%.

Epoq’s intelligent search function had a positive effect on the performance of the online store. Additionally, the team was able to cut down on costly administrative time.


Following a successful integration, Peek & Cloppenburg will continue to expand site functionality with additional intelligent search and recommendation features including targeted banners displayed throughout the site.

The team also looks forward to finding opportunities to incorporate more personalization into other phases of the customer journey.

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