Pets at Home Drives More Users to the Checkout & Confirmation Page

  • >3%
    Increase in users reaching the basket page

  • >2.5%
    More users reaching the confirmation page

Pets at Home is the UK’s largest pet care business and provides pet owners with everything they need to be able to look after their pet – from food, toys and bedding, and grooming services, to first opinion veterinary care and world-class specialist veterinary hospitals.

The Challenge

Analysis indicated that Pets at Home’s users were not progressing further down the purchase funnel, with over two-thirds of users not moving past the basket page to reach checkout. It became clear that the website needed to be optimized to lower the abandonment rate and push more users into checkout.

Test Hypothesis

To lower the abandonment rate, the team at Pets at Home decided to implement a pop-up displaying the user’s basket items upon returning to the website. Reminding users of the items in their basket would hopefully encourage them to view their basket and drive more users to ultimately convert.

Winning Variation – Saved Basked Prompt


The test was set up to target desktop users who had at least one product in their basket. Directing approximately half of their traffic to the variation, the variation proved successful after having run for 3 weeks. The variation significantly drove more users to the checkout & confirmation page.


“Introducing a saved basket prompt for returning users when they return on Pets at Home’s website increased more users to checkout and convert. We’ll also be running this test on mobile to see how this performs.” – Halima Satheya, Digital Optimisation Lead @ Pets at Home

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