Psychology Hacks for Website Optimization

To create top-notch customer experiences online, you need to understand why users behave the way they do on your website.

In this e-book, UX and conversion rate optimization experts from AB Tasty and Conversio explain some of the 175 cognitive biases that drive consumer decisions.

What is Cognitive Bias?

The systematic tendency, used by the brain as an information processing shortcut, to base judgment, memory, decision-making, etc., on one’s personal frame of reference instead of on rational logic.

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Barnum Effect

Have you ever checked your horoscope in the newspaper and thought it was surprisingly accurate? Or maybe you once went for a Tarot card reading and found the interpretation really relevant? This is the
Barnum Effect at work.

Peak-end Rule effect

How we remember experiences is largely skewed towards what happened at the very end of that particular event. In other words, when recalling experiences, we don’t usually judge them based on how we felt overall - a sort of average of our feelings from start to finish - but rather on the very last part of the experience.

The Bandwagon Effect

The Bandwagon Effect stands for our conscious and unconscious reliance on each other for cues in almost all decisions that we make. Basically, we look to our peers to determine what the ‘right’ course of action for ourselves might be.

Isolation Effect

This effect can be summed up in the observation that, in any given number of items to be learned, an item that is notably different from the rest in size, color, or other basic characteristics will be more readily recalled than the others.

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