Real-Time Personalization

Personalization and its Impact on User Engagement

We look at how you can personalize your visitors’ digital experience in real-time with data and experimentation.

Discover how Mixpanel aids in tracking user behavior and engagement, utilizing cohorts to unveil groups of users with shared characteristics or behaviors. We’ll showcase AB Tasty’s role in crafting personalized user experiences, leveraging insights gleaned from Mixpanel analytics to drive winning variant determinations and enhance user engagement.

We’ll discuss:

  • How Mixpanel helps track user behavior and engagement.
  • How Mixpanel can use cohorts to show groups of users that share a certain set of properties or perform a similar sequence of events.
  • Showcase AB Tasty’s role in creating personalized user experiences based on the insights gained from Mixpanel analytics.
  • Determine different sets of users in AB Tasty for more winning variants.
  • Personalize for your users based on empathy.


Max Taylor
Solutions Engineer, Mixpanel
Alisha Woodward
Customer Success Manager, AB TASTY