Reducing the Guesswork Behind Journey Experimentation

Every customer action on your website or mobile app is a key to unlocking the strategy that will increase conversions, drive more revenue and positively impact your customer loyalty.   Experimentation allows companies to adjust their strategies based on their customer’s preferences – testing what changes will create the greatest business impact and resultant gains in revenue.  

But how do you choose the right experiment and gain greater insights?   

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • How to enable teams to test more boldly, reducing guesswork
  • The importance of understanding the “why” behind customer behavior and how this is key to prioritizing actions, driving gains in conversion, increasing revenue and improving customer satisfaction
  • Driving business impact faster and more accurately by interpreting insights and visuals in real-time


Greg Dowling
Global Director of Business Insights, Glassbox
Scott Andersen
Key Account Manager - Northern Europe, AB Tasty