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Restarting a Testing Program Starts with the Right Tool

3xIncremental ROI

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Mor Furniture for Less was founded over 40 years ago with an industry-leading reputation and has been ranked 33rd among the top 100 furniture retailers in the US in Furniture Today.




Mor Furniture cut its A/B testing program a few years ago. With website traffic now increasing, they wanted to return to a data-based approach to website optimization but didn’t know which A/B testing tool to use and didn’t have the resources to run the testing program. PeakActivity was tasked with not only finding a tool with robust features and reporting, but to run the program, as well. 



PeakActivity recommended the AB Tasty platform, based on its advanced features and functionality, including a widgets library for commonly tested elements and functionalities, and out-of-the-box tracking for scroll depth and element visibility. PeakActivity integrated the tool and developed a test plan to show the potential ROI of having a dedicated CRO team.



Soon, we were conducting an average of 4 tests per month and seeing 3X ROI. Now, Mor Furniture is all-in with PeakActivity CRO and AB Tasty. Guided by a “fail fast” mentality, the team learns quickly, iterates where needed, and moves on to testing the next hypothesis. Winning experiences are prioritized for full development, and even “losing” experiences provide valuable analytics and insights.



Now that the initial proof-of-concept phase has concluded, the iterative test and learn process continues with a hefty roadmap of experiment ideas with high potential ROI.

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