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Spreedly Boosts Lead Generation with AB Tasty

+34%Contact Form Submissions

Spreedly is a B2B payment orchestration platform that supports clients transacting through multiple payment services.




After Spreedly engaged AB Tasty as its experimentation platform of choice, we partnered with CXperts to fully onboard Spreedly in an effort to not only begin initial tests but also to build and support a mature experimentation program to scale as they grow.



CXperts and Spreedly decided to first test the homepage, hypothesizing that site visitors may not know about Spreedly’s trial. Additionally, improving the CTA could boost engagement and conversions. The teams developed two variations to test: one offering a “trial” and the other offering a “free trial.”



With this test, Spreedly realized a 34% increase in contact form submissions – their main goal – with 90% statistical significance. Although clicks to the CTA didn’t increase, it was clear that exposure to “trial” messaging had a positive impact.

AB Tasty has been critical in helping us make strategic, data-driven decisions that drive more conversions of our web traffic to leads for our sales team.

– Mike Taberksi , Senior Customer Insights Analyst



Over the course of the onboarding, CXperts was able to use AB Tasty to improve other key engagement metrics for Spreedly, such as pages visited, scroll depth, time on site, and revisit rate, all suggesting an increase in potential long-tail conversions. Additionally, the Spreedly team now has a roadmap of tests and the expertise they need to continue growing the program.

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