The Digital Customer Journey

The digital customer journey is a web of all customer interactions and touchpoints with your brand. At AB Tasty, we’ve mapped out seven customer phases that we consider crucial in the journey. Join this webinar as we define each phase in deep detail by:

  • Defining various customer actions and behaviors
  • Identifying areas for improving your optimization strategy
  • Outlining personalization opportunities
  • Providing customer success stories in each phase to inspire your brave ideas
  • Crafting questions that allow you to take notes and brainstorm
  • Listing key performance indicators that can be tracked to evaluate performance along the way
  • Designing a visual way to follow along your digital customer journey complete with the high points

Crafting extraordinary experiences means understanding how to differentiate each phase if you want to bring them to life.

With the help of this webinar, you won’t just navigate the digital space – you’ll dominate. Lead your customers toward their purchasing goals, build relationships, and accomplish business objectives along the way!


Justin Trout
Customer Success Manager, AB Tasty
Gurleen Dhameja
Customer Success Manager, AB Tasty

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