The Digital Customer Journey

Let your optimization journey begin!

In a highly competitive digital marketplace, optimizing your website for a unique and seamless digital customer journey is no longer just a competitive advantage — it’s a necessity. 

We’ve put together a content kit of excellent resources that break down the seven distinct phases of the digital customer journey like you’ve never seen before. Each resource is uniquely focused on empowering you to dive into the details of your customer’s unique journey with your brand and fight user frustrations along the way.

This content kit includes: 

  1. The E-book: Your guide to truly understanding customer actions in each phase, KPIs to follow, and business objectives to help you craft seamless experiences.
  2. The Workbook: You deserve space to personalize your learnings. Use the workbook to actively follow our E-book. It’s filled with questions to help you understand how customers behave with your brand, the areas where you excel, and where you have room for improvement. 
  3. The Use Case Booklet: See theory put into practice and learn from our own AB Tasty clients who have tested again and again to learn how to improve each step of the journey. 
  4. The Infographic: Visualize how your visitors go through your website, make decisions, and what pushes them to the next phase.

Crafting extraordinary experiences means understanding how to differentiate each phase if you want to bring them to life. With the help of this content kit, you won’t just navigate the digital space – you’ll dominate

Let’s find your better, together!  

Craft experiences
that wow!

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