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UNICEF France Maximizes On-Site User Feedback

3.6%Visitors filled in survey

6Week campaign

The nonprofit organization UNICEF works tirelessly across 190 countries to save and improve the lives of children from some of the world’s toughest places.


As with any business, organization or nonprofit, the UNICEF website is crucial to their operations. Not only is it one of the ways to make a donation, it’s also where people go to understand what UNICEF does, what they stand for, and how donations are used to carry out their mission. It was therefore essential for UNICEF France to optimize their website to both increase donations, and also relay a positive image. With a big website redesign coming up, their digital team decided they needed to better understand how visitors actually experienced their website.

Marketing Campaign Idea

As an AB Tasty client, UNICEF France had various user insight tools at their disposal: heat mapping, session recording, and NPS surveys, to name a few. However, the UNICEF team was looking for in-depth feedback that would let them get inside the heads of their website visitors. They therefore opted to use a Google form, allowing them to ask both open-ended and ‘yes/no’ questions.

With the help of the AB Tasty team, they set up a pop-in in just one hour – which triggered on exit intent – that encouraged the website visitor to fill out the survey. They asked five questions about the design and usefulness of the site, the visitor’s reason for visiting, and their overall level of satisfaction.


Over the 6 weeks the campaign was running, the team collected 310 responses, which represented 3.6% of the total visitors to the site. They were pleasantly surprised by the results: 92% of visitors said they liked the homepage! However, they also gained valuable insights regarding where their audience was most engaged, and what visitors wanted to see more of.

These insights served at the basis for many of the redesign changes. For example, 30% of respondents said the search bar was the most useful part of the homepage, so the search bar was enlarged in the update. Similarly, according to respondents, the least useful part of the homepage were the social share logos, which are slated to be removed.

“We were very happy to see that respondents overwhelmingly said they liked the homepage, and found what they were looking for. Overall, our donors were familiar with our website, even if they did ask for more video and photographic content. Our next step is to use this information to expand on the personalization campaigns around the visitor personas we’ve discovered, using AB Tasty.” – Léonore Manciaux, Digital Donation Officer at UNICEF France

Takeaway Tip

Understanding your audience is key for website optimization. So is choosing the right user insight tool to match your goals. Long-form surveys will let you get more in-depth, while NPS surveys are designed to show an evolution over time, and heat maps and session recording let you zoom in on points of friction or high engagement.

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