Bring your features to life with Flagship

Flagship is AB Tasty’s experimentation, personalization and feature management platform, designed specifically for product and tech teams.

Feature flagging
Deploy every code push risk-free, with built-in and easy-to-use feature flags with a fast kill switch.
Progressive rollout
Roll-out new features to the users who matter most. Easily manage canary releases, and roll-back features that don't perform.
Server-side experiments
Test anything you can think of, on any platform. From eradicating the flicker-effect to testing a sensitive payment system, streamline your server-side testing with Flagship.
Use cases by developers, for developers

Our use case library covers feature flags to rollbacks, and is constantly expanding based on the needs of our clients’ development teams.

Code made personal

Deploy features to the audiences who will respond best to them. If an audience is low-performing, roll-back that feature or deploy new code. Our personas let you create personalized experiences for your users.

Get agile, while mitigating risk

With feature flags, kill switches, rollbacks and persona-based monitoring, Flagship lets you deploy features as soon as they’re ready while minimizing the risk of errors and negative experiences. Manage a slew of updates in tandem, so you can focus on delivering the engagement metrics that are the ultimate goal.

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