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AB Tasty is now available on the Shopify App Store

We’re excited to share that AB Tasty is now available on the Shopify app store. This means it’s easier to use AB Tasty’s leading experimentation and personalization solutions directly on Shopify sites.

The launch marks an important milestone for the partnership between AB Tasty and Shopify, providing a more seamless user experience and keeping experience optimization accessible with easy-to-use solutions.

What this means for Shopify merchants

Brands using Shopify can enhance their commerce sites with AB Tasty to boost conversions and optimize experiences. Set-up is simple: search for AB Tasty in the Shopify App Store and install the tag in just three steps.

Once a site is equipped with AB Tasty, you can easily access your favorite features, run tests, and personalize content throughout the shopping funnel from homepage to cart page.

Building better experiences on your Shopify sites is also easy with AB Tasty’s ready-to-use widget library including interactive features like the scratch card. Or you can create your own custom widget.

When it’s time to check on how your campaigns are performing, track your success with analytics that automatically link Shopify transactions(transaction rate, total number of transactions, average basket, items per transaction, average item price per transaction, etc.) and other transaction data (like currency, coupons, payment method, etc.) to your AB Tasty campaigns. Quickly identify what campaigns work for your audience and where you can make adjustments.

How does it work?

When you are ready to get started, connect AB Tasty with your Shopify site in three steps.

  1. Install the AB Tasty app directly from the Shopify app store.
  2. Enable the extension with your AB Tasty identifier.
  3. Hit save.

Now you can get to work building better experiences for your visitors. Really, that’s it.

Over 100 brands already use AB Tasty & Shopify to optimize their sites

Learn more about how Embark Veterinary’s e-commerce teams use AB Tasty’s experimentation solution to test product copy and increase revenue per session and conversion rate. 

To wrap up

At AB Tasty, we’re your optimization partners helping ignite change from the inside out. That’s why we’re continuously improving the experience of our customers, from new integrations to strengthened partnerships and beyond.

To connect AB Tasty to your Shopify site, get started here.

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