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Embark Veterinary Optimizes Product Pages to Drive Growth

+7%Conversion rate

How Embark Veterinary Optimizes Product Pages to Drive Growth

Learn more about how the e-commerce team at Embark Veterinary leverages experimentation and a data-driven approach to drive improvements across every key performance indicator.

  • 7% increase in conversion rate
  • 10% increase in revenue per session

​​Embark Veterinary, Inc. was founded on a passion for scientific research and a lifelong love of dogs. Their DNA test kits and online platform enable dog owners to better understand their dog’s breed, health, and much more while helping to advance research into the best ways to care for man’s best friend.

The Experimentation Program at Embark Veterinary

The team at Embark uses a few KPIs when determining the success of experiments. Of course, they always attempt to improve the conversion rate, but they also place a heavy emphasis on average order value.

Lastly, the team analyzes revenue per session as a primary KPI because it takes into account both conversion rate and average order value.

How can you best identify what information to present to customers at the right time and right place?

Because Embarks sells two products, a baseline product and a premium product, the team strives to sell more kits, but they also want to sell more premium kits.

The premium kits include information about dogs’ genetic health (not included in the baseline kits), and this particular experiment was designed to help customers understand the benefits of knowing additional health details for their pets.

The Embark team wanted to understand if different types of product copy would result in higher sales for their premium dog DNA test kits. In order to determine this, the team developed two tests: an initial test to understand the style of product copy that resonated with customers, ranging from clinical to emotional, and a second test to understand the impact of including examples in the product copy.

Test #1 included three variations of product copy ranging from more emotional to more clinical.

In this test, the team prepared three variations of copy. Variation 1 featured more “emotional” copy, variation 2 featured more “clinical” copy, and variation 3 struck a balance between “emotional” and “clinical.”


The first test resulted in a very clear winner, not only indicating that the product copy makes a difference for customers but also that clinical copy resonates the most with their customers.

The clinical copy in variation 2 resulted in a 4% increase in conversion rate, a 3.5% decrease in average order value, and a 1% increase in revenue per session with the increase in conversion rate compensating for the decrease in average order value.

Test #2 included 3 variations of product copy with health examples ranging from less severe to more severe.

In this test, again, the team prepared three variations featuring examples ranging from “less severe” to “more severe.” Variation 1 included a “more severe” example, variation 2 included a somewhat balance example, and variation 3 included a less severe example.


The addition of examples in the product copy made a huge difference. Showing customers a real scenario where they may need to have their dog’s additional health info has a direct impact on revenue. The “less severe” drove the most impact with a 7% increase in conversion rate, a $9 increase in average order value, and 10% increase in revenue per session.

Key Learnings

Understanding your customers and their needs is core to driving growth and delivering a better buying experience.

The Embark team always keeps a “what’s next” mentality. After seeing the potential impact of product copy through the first test, the team asked “what’s next” to figure out how to use a second test to draw more value out of that component of the product detail page.


Embark Veterinary, Inc. was launched in 2015 with a passion for scientific research and a lifelong love for dogs. Starting with its best-in-class canine DNA test, Embark is building a powerful platform for scientific discovery that will accelerate advancements in personalized dog care. Embark offers the most scientifically advanced, most trusted, and highest-rated dog DNA tests on the market that helps dog owners, breeders, and veterinarians learn about their dog’s breed, health, and ancestry. Customers gain hundreds of actionable insights that inform more proactive care, and every test fuels new research to help all dogs lead longer, healthier lives. Embark is an official research partner of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, was named to the Inc. 5000 list for the past two years, and was included on Forbes‘ next billion-dollar startups list.

For more information, visit Embark’s website at

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