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Analytics Reach New Heights With Google BigQuery + AB Tasty

AB Tasty and Google BigQuery have joined forces to provide seamless integration, enabling customers with extensive datasets to access insights, automate, and make data-driven decisions to push their experimentation efforts forward.

We have often discussed the complexity of understanding data to power your experimentation program. When companies are dealing with massive datasets they need to find an agile and effective way to allow that information to enrich their testing performance and to identify patterns, trends, and insights.

Go further with data analytics

Google BigQuery is a fully managed cloud data warehouse solution, which enables quick storage and analysis of vast amounts of data. This serverless platform is highly scalable and cost-effective, tailored to support businesses in analyzing extensive datasets for making well-informed decisions. 

With Google BigQuery, users can effortlessly execute complex analytical SQL queries, leveraging its integrated machine-learning capabilities.

This integration with AB Tasty’s experience optimization platform means customers with large datasets can use BigQuery to store and analyze large volumes of testing data. By leveraging BigQuery’s capabilities, you can streamline data analysis processes, accelerate experimentation cycles, and drive innovation more effectively.

Here are some of the many benefits of Google BigQuery’s integration with AB Tasty to help you trial better:

  • BigQuery as a data source

With AB Tasty’s integration, specific data from AB Tasty can be sent regularly to your BigQuery set. Each Data Ingestion Task has a name, an SQL query to get what you need, and timed frequency for data retrieval. This information helps make super-focused ads and messages, making it easier to reach the right people.

  • Centralized storage of data from AB Tasty

The AB Tasty and BigQuery integration simplifies campaign analysis too by eliminating the need for SQL or BI tools. Their dashboard displays a clear comparison of metrics on a single page, enhancing efficiency. You can leverage BigQuery for experiment analysis without duplicating reporting in AB Tasty, getting the best of both platforms. Incorporate complex metrics and segments by querying our enriched events dataset and link event data with critical business data from other platforms. Whether through web or feature experimentation, it means more accurate experiments at scale to drive business growth and success.

  • Machine learning

BigQuery can also be used for machine learning on experimentation programs, helping you to predict outcomes and better understand your specific goals. BigQuery gives you AI-driven predictive analytics for scaling personalized multichannel campaigns, free from attribution complexities or uncertainties. Access segments that dynamically adjust to real-time customer behavior, unlocking flexible, personalized, and data-driven marketing strategies to feed into your experiments.

  • Enhanced segmentation and comprehensive insight

BigQuery’s ability to understand behavior means that you can segment better. Its data segmentation allows for categorizing users based on various attributes or behaviors. With data that is sent to Bigquery from experiments, you can create personalized content or features tailored to specific user groups, optimizing engagement and conversion rates.

Finally, the massive benefit of this integration is to get joined-up reporting – fully automated and actionable reports on experimentation, plus the ability to feed data from other sources to get the full picture.

A continued partnership

This integration comes after Google named AB Tasty an official Google Cloud Partner last year, making us available on the Google Cloud Marketplace to streamline marketplace transactions. We are also fully integrated with Google Analytics 4. We were also thrilled to be named as one of the preferred vendors from Google for experimentation after the Google Optimize sunset. 

As we continue to work closely with the tech giant to help our customers continue to grow, you can find out more about this integration here.

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