Upcoming 2019 Digital Marketing Conferences You Can’t Miss

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Guess how many incorporated companies there are as of August 2019?

 200 million and counting.

While this may be great for the global economy, it makes life more competitive for you. 200 million companies means that you need to put yourself out there, and really network, to make your presence known. There are thousands, if not millions of competitors in your niche, and if you’re going to stand out then you need to go above and beyond.

This is easier said than done, especially in a field like digital marketing, where tactics and strategies can change overnight. If you want to stay on top of marketing trends, attending a conference is a great approach!

Can Marketing Conferences Give You a Leg Up On the Competition?

Throughout 2019 we’ve seen the fluctuating popularity of trends like video marketing, influencer connections, and voice-activated searches for Alexa and Siri. 

For entrepreneurs just diving into the marketing world, this translates to a lot of confusion on how to best gain conversions.

Do you focus primarily on enhancing your brand name by using a controversial tactic à la Barstool Sports? Or do you build your marketing technique around the basics, learning about conversion optimization before making your way up?

If you’re looking for opportunities to educate yourself on best practices surrounding digital marketing, here is a list of conferences you can still attend in 2019. 

Digiday Programmatic Media Summit

When: Nov 18 – 20

Where: New Orleans, Louisiana


Programmatic advertising has been in the spotlight lately, thanks to a global interest in how companies target their audience. At this summit, Digiday will take a look at how the programmatic system and algorithm is designed, how companies can offer online safety, what technologies and data platforms business owners be aware of, and what the next move is.

How You Can Benefit:

Online safety is a priority if you want your company to receive positive feedback. This summit gives you the chance to learn about programmatic advertising from the ground up, allowing you to make new connections with those experienced enough to guide your decisions regarding your business marketing.

#DMWF Expo Europe

When: Nov 25 – 26

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands


2 days, 4 conference tracks, more than 40 exhibitors and 100 or more speakers—#DMWF Europe is the conference of the year for all who want to explore the newest strategies and trends within the digital sphere. Focusing on all the latest trends regarding artificial Intelligence, Influencer marketing, UX, CX, eCommerce, marketing technologies, content marketing, virtual reality, mobile and analytics, this paid conference gives new meaning to the term information overload!

How You Can Benefit:

With more than 800 attendees, #DMWF Europe is the perfect occasion for expanding your business network. Meeting like-minded people from the industry will not only advance your career and knowledge, but it’ll also help you grow your business as well.

Digital Marketing Leaders Summit

When: Dec 4 – 5

Where: Hong Kong


Building emotive and engaging social content is just one aspect of your marketing strategy. With a primary focus on key topics such as data-driven marketing strategies, Martech, personalized customer journeys, brand purpose & experience, and much more, you can expect the Digital Marketing Leaders Summit to be a rare educational experience that gives you your money’s worth. With confirmed speakers from companies such as Shindler, TripAdvisor, Carlsberg Group, American Express, The Economist, and more, the Hong Kong-based conference is a bucket-list-worthy event.

How You Can Benefit:

A great networking opportunity, the Digital Marketing Leaders Summit lets you learn from the masters in the game.

TechSEO Boost

When: Dec 4 – 5

Where: Boston, MA


TechSEO Boost is the industry’s first event that is fully dedicated to technical SEO. Given that this is one of the more complex components of online marketing, this event focuses on explaining SEO, its techniques and challenges so all, from developers and code jockeys to your Average Joe, can understand how SEO can be utilized to bring your business at the top in search results. With speakers such as Martin Splitt, Developer Advocate for the Webmaster Trends Analyst Team at Google, and Claudia Higgins, the Natural Search Insight & Technology Manager at Argos slated to attend the conference, this event cannot be missed.

How You Can Benefit:

SEO can be difficult to sort out if you’re not technologically skilled. However, given that you’ll need SEO, especially for regional marketing, this event will be an investment for your company’s image. Also, did we mention it’s free to attend?

App Promotion Summit

When: December 5

Where: Berlin, Germany


As Berlin’s leading app and mobile conference, this event is perfect if you’re planning on moving your business into the digital realm but don’t really know where to begin. An ideal opportunity for those wanting to learn the right marketing strategies for app growth, this event puts forth the experience of experts from companies such as Facebook, Clue, Google, BMW, Snapchat and SoundCloud among others.

How You Can Benefit:

A one-day event that has plenty to offer, APS Berlin 2019 is not only a great learning experience, it also gives you the chance to build upon your network.

Growth Marketing Conference

When: Dec 10 – 11

Where: San Francisco, CA


Starting from acquisition and activation, all the way to A/B testing, this conference touches on all facets of growth and innovation regarding an online business. With a primary focus on product marketing and management and B2B as well as on the future of SEO, PPC, and content marketing, this conference covers all the basics and all the details. Featuring speakers such as Siara Nazir, Head of Digital Marketing, Autodesk and Head of Growth at Airtable, Darius Contractor among others, this event includes sessions, workshops, and tutorials, as well as networking opportunities with high-powered executives.

How You Can Benefit:

Conferences are all about learning from the leaders. With this event, you can expect to not only mingle with the best of the best but also receive some one-on-one guidance on any aspect of your business that needs improvement.

MediaPost’s Search & Performance Insider Summit

When: Dec 11 – 14

Where: Deer Valley, UT


With a special focus on the first tool of marketing, MediaPost’s Search and Performance Insider Summit emphasizes how Search is used to drive sales, by connecting it with display, email, social and other accountable media. Explore the world of marketing and how experts are collecting data in real-time and utilizing customer signals to make their branding and content stronger and more effective. From the first results via a reliable search engine to what customers encounter through paid and organic media, the consumer journey is viewed through the lens, so novices in the digital hemisphere can learn the right way of using performance marketing metrics.

How You Can Benefit:

A three-day event that brings together some of the greatest minds in Search marketing, this summit is set to be a productive, informative and useful opportunity for new entrepreneurs in the field.


The right digital marketing tools can only help you so much. By attending even one or two of the above events, not only will you be able to gain insight from leading industry experts, you’ll build connections at some of the best networking opportunities the marketing world has to offer. Which in the long term, will help you grow into a stronger professional.


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