Drive and Measure Customer Engagement with Amplitude and AB Tasty

AB TastyBlogDrive and Measure Customer Engagement with Amplitude and AB Tasty

Next up in our product analytics partner highlight series is Amplitude. I spent a few minutes here trying to come up with a unique metaphor, and I failed, but suffice it to say that Amplitude is the gas in the AB Tasty engine.

I told you I failed, but don’t let that diminish the sentiment that AB Tasty customers who also use Amplitude now have a way to optimize their optimization programs. Too meta? Okay, I’ll stop being cute and get serious now.

As a leading product analytics provider, Amplitude helps customers in three main areas:

  • Understand users. Sympathize with their journey, feel their pain points, and make these insights available to your entire team.
  • Measure where you can provide the most impact. Through a strong understanding of users, you can more easily grasp areas in the journey where changes can make a huge difference.
  • Drive engagement, loyalty, and retention. Ultimately a delightful and engaging user experience will impact revenue metrics across the board – no matter your industry.

At AB Tasty, these three pillars are core to our mission of improving digital experiences. However, we of course have to put our spin on it. Where Amplitude provides the opportunity for you to understand your user experience and reveals options to improve it, how can you be sure what changes to the experience will effect* positive results?

*Google tried really hard to tell me that this was the incorrect form of “effect” versus “affect,” but I have reasons to support my decision to ignore Google’s grammar tool.

By funneling your proposed optimization through an experimentation program or even – for a more advanced approach – a personalization program, you can shift your product roadmapping approach to one based on data as opposed to gut-feelings or qualitative feedback.

That’s not to say gut-feeling and qualitative feedback have no place in product development; in fact, I would argue that they are a great place to begin forming hypotheses. But you have to actually put those hypotheses to the test – literally. Without experimenting, you run the risk of leaving money on the table by implementing a lower-performing change. This is, of course, where AB Tasty provides value, facilitating the experimentation process without costing expensive development resources or impacting your release timeline. We all know changes to the development cycle and sprint schedules can be costly across the board: from purely financial all the way to failing to meet customer expectations.

Beyond that, there’s invaluable context to be gleaned from experiment failures. Using Amplitude, you can dive deeper into experiments’ successes and failures and determine correlating or causative factors. Optimization is a never ending loop of hypothesis, testing, analysis, and hypothesizing again, and these continuous cycles can bring structure, direction, and impact to your product roadmaps.

What does that mean for our customers’ customers? To your customers?

Yes, it’s meta again, but I couldn’t avoid it, and it’s important to the story. This means a better experience. It means fewer bugs, fewer 404s, they can easily find what they want, you’ve personalized and tailored a product directly to that person.

Optimization and personalization will be some of the largest drivers of marketing success over the next five years, according to McKinsey. Do you think that you have the right tools to scale your team’s ability to capitalize on that?

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