Build a “Wow” Effect With Successful Personalization Campaigns

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Welcome to the Experience Economy, where all companies strive to create thrilling and delightful experiences for their users, with the ultimate goal of wowing them, so they keep coming back for more. 🤩

Consumers themselves are the driving force behind this evolution and this new challenge for companies who, to remain competitive, must not only focus on the quality of their products or services but also offer an innovative experience. Indeed, customers are becoming more and more demanding, and simply meeting a need or solving a problem is no longer enough. We talk about the “customer journey” because it has to be a voyage. ✈️

And if consumers are the driving force, the spark ✨ behind it is the meteoric evolution of technology that has allowed some companies like Netflix, Amazon, or Airbnb to become leaders and set standards in terms of online experience by exceeding their customers’ expectations to offer ever more personalization, creativity, and innovation.

According to a PWC study, 86% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for a superior experience and 65% say a positive experience is more critical than effective advertising.

You might be thinking about getting started, just beginning to build a personalization program, or maturing and scaling but beware,  and don’t forget that end-user expectations are not limited to just positive experiences but also negative experiences. While they want to be wowed more than ever, their lack of patience with bad experiences, bugs, bad timing, or being spammed with messages and communication has also risen. 😤

According to Lee Ressources inc. 91% of end-users will walk away from a company permanently after a bad experience.

And the Customer Thermometer’s customer service stats for 2020 report that  48% of end-users who receive a bad experience advise others not to buy your product or services. 

What are the sources of frustration?

Frustrations can be caused by many factors but here are three that we have identified and can help you avoid with tips and tools. 

  • Irrelevant personalization campaigns that won’t resonate with your audience. Most of the time it’s because they were not built using experimentation to validate assumptions and ideas. 🤔
  • Communication and messages that are displayed at the wrong time. For example, an after-work message that appears during lunch.  ⏲️
  • Multiple personalizations are displayed at the same time which degrade the user experience. This can happen if you set up multiple personalizations and your end users belong to more than one segment. 😵

If the messages displayed are not relevant to you or not at that moment and especially if you are confronted with multiple pop-ins or modals overlapping each other your first reaction would be: “That’s it ! I am out!”. And you would be right. 😡

Now let’s see how you could avoid this kind of situation and simply focus on building the best experience possible for your end-users.


1/ Adopt an Experimental Approach to Personalization.

To ensure that your personalization efforts achieve their goals, they must be based on a logic of experimentation. You should always validate your assumptions and hypotheses before implementing your customer journey. Test by offering different variations to your users and choose the variation that wins.

This culture of experimentation should never end. Even when your personalization campaigns are based on successful testing, nothing is set in stone. After all, people change or external events like the Covid 19 crisis can happen and a relevant personalization today may not have the same impact tomorrow.

Perhaps you’re worried about how much time you’ll spend experimenting with your ideas before creating your personalization campaigns? Rest assured, at AB Tasty, we have developed what we call the Optimization Cycle 💫, which is a streamlined process that allows you to easily move from successful experimentation to personalization and back again if performance is no longer optimal.

👉 If you want to know more about the optimization cycle you can read this article.


2/ Choose the right timing and frequency for your campaigns.

Even if you create amazing experiences for your users, with powerful messages, all your efforts can be ruined if you haven’t taken the time to think about the right timing. 

The best experience is supposed to be seamless, your end-user should feel like they’re finding the content they’re looking for without even noticing the effort you’ve put in. The experience should be natural and responsive to their needs based on the moment they are in. 

Paradoxically, being confronted with a message for a special offer after hours at lunchtime can be more frustrating than ever. Suddenly, the end-user will realize your intention to get their attention and, instead, it will drive them away from your product.

Therefore at AB Tasty, we provide strong tools like the campaign scheduler 🗓️ for you to organize and schedule your campaigns to ensure that they will strike at the perfect moment and your business KPIs will be positively impacted.

👉If you want to know more about our campaign scheduler, you can read this article. We even provide some cool tips to leverage your traffic peak and boost recurring slowdowns.


3/ Prioritize your personalization campaign to avoid conflicts.

You should always let the good ideas you have for personalizing and enhancing your users’ experience take flight. But as you increase the number of personalized experiences offered to exceed your users’ expectations, it can become very easy to unintentionally introduce friction and an unpleasant experience. Imagine if you or someone on your team created one personalization experience for VIP users and another for users located in New York. That’s where the unintended consequences come in because you wonder what experience a VIP user living in New York gets? Without any prioritization rules in place, your messages could get mixed up, resulting in a poor experience for your users and introducing the risk of contradictory messages and bias in your campaign analysis. 

That’s where AB Tasty steps in to make sure your VIP user gets the VIP experience first rather than the one for New York residents if that’s the priority you choose. Indeed, within AB Tasty, you will find a page dedicated to the Prioritization of your Personalizations 🔝. Through this page, you will be able to identify conflicts thanks to filters on your campaign, audience, or saved pages and then prioritize them in a blink with an intuitive drag and drop mechanism where you can select your campaigns and put them in priority order. 

In order to build a memorable experience for your users, prioritizing your personalizations is essential to: 

  • Avoid spamming your visitors with multiple messages/pop-ins at once on a specific page.
  • Do not disrupt the results of your campaigns and be sure that each user will only see one personalization campaign at a time).
  • Make sure you don’t have a visual break of a page (when there are several pop-ins triggered on the same page for example).
  • Better decide which campaigns should be seen first if the user matches the segment of several campaigns.

👉 If you are curious and want to start implementing a great prioritization of your personalizations, you can read this article that provides tips and best practices.



In short, you should never have to put the brakes on all the great ideas you have to build an enchanting experience. Focus on innovation and creativity, and we’ll provide you with the right tool to quickly bring it to life while following the famous motto: the right message, to the right person, at the right time. All with the intention of providing the best possible user experience, because that’s what matters most in the end.

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