The Ultimate Personalization Guide

A step-by-step guide any business can use to start personalizing the customer experience

  • Understand the basics of data management for personalization
  • Learn how to build an effective personalization strategy
  • Identify the right implementation strategy for your website or app

Be relevant. Create effective personalized experiences.

Stand out by tailoring your website and app to each individual user with a detailed guide to building impactful personalized experiences.

All you need to know about website and app personalization:

Divided into two parts so you can focus on what interests you most

Part 1: Building your personalization strategy
  • Defining personalization and its benefits
  • First, second and third-party data
  • Behavioral, demographic, transactional, and psychographic data
  • Personalization and privacy considerations
  • Understanding the data basics and types
  • Rule-based, AI, and ML personalization
  • Identifying high-value audience segments
  • Experimentation’s role in personalization
Part 2: Implementing your personalization strategy
  • Client-side vs server-side personalization
  • Building audience segments
  • Intent and psychographic segmentation
  • Segmentation with Customer Data Platforms and Data Lakes
  • 10 examples of segment attributes
  • Combining data sources
  • Implementing client-side personalization
  • Implementing server-side personalization

91% of consumers are more likely to buy from companies that provide relevant offers

your curiosity!

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