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If you are not happy with the work you do, change it!

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It’s not just one, but 3 trophies that AB Tasty proudly won at the 2021 HappyAtWork accreditation! 🏆🏆🏆

😊 The first one is the accreditation in the HappyIndex®AtWork category!

Simple, authentic and transparent, the ChooseMyCompany labels are based exclusively on the certified reviews of our employees. And who better than our Magic Makers to tell what it’s like to work for AB Tasty? If you want to know more about it, take a look at our brand new page where we gathered our results and verbatims from this accreditation.

Not enough? Ok then go follow us on Instagram and get exclusive backstage access to the AB Tasty life! 👀

🌱 Second one is the accreditation in the ImpactIndex® category!
AB Tasty has been recognized as one of the top companies making an Impact by taking social and ecological actions! 

If you’re wondering what we do in that regard, take a look at this article.

👨‍💻 Third one is the accreditation as a TechAtWork® company!
We’re in the tech industry, and we have a strong team dedicated to R&D that we’re really proud of. 

You can read more about our team and what they do/how they work on our tech blog. Learn more about our Top Chef Tech concept in the meantime!

So what do we do next? Well, we use the collected feedback to improve! At AB Tasty, we value feedback and we build an action plan to improve the employee experience as well as our clients’ satisfaction. Most of the benefits we provide to employees were designed around their needs, based on their feedback. The same applies to our internal processes, animations, recruitment plan, and so on.

It’s easy from the inside to say that we’re a great company, so as proof, you can take a sneak peek at this video, where some of our clients, our investors and our former employees (alumnus) talk about AB Tasty. 

Do you want to join a great place to work? Take a look at our open positions!

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